Grand Montenegro Tour

Looking to the Bay of Kotor

Our day began with sun and warmth.  We got outside on the upper decks and watched as our ship came into the port of Montenegro.  This was certainly worthy of our time and was similar in scope to sailing into the Tracy Arm of Alaska.  The scenery was absolutely breathtaking.

After the Brilliance of the Seas dropped her anchor, Leslee and I boarded the ship’s tender for transport to the port.  After disembarking we met our shore excursion for the KV14 Grand Montenegro Tour.

Our tour bus climbed a windy mountain road consisting of twenty-five hairpin turns, one after another.  As we climbed higher and higher, the town of Kotor and our ship became immersed in a postcard like setting.  Already I proclaimed this tour better than the one in Croatia the day before.  We eventually reached a summit and stopped for some picture taking.  The scenery was so large in scope it was really better to be seen with human eyes rather than through the eyes of a camera.  It’s simply just too much to take it all in.  After our photo stop was complete we headed to the mountain Village of Njegusi and had a snack of fresh bread, cheese, and prosciutto.  All followed by a shot of 45 proof homemade Brandy.

After our snack we headed back down the mountain.  Quickly our decent turned into a major problem as these mountain roads were not made for the giant bus we were in.  The tour operator should be using minivans instead of the full size buses.  The small road and the large buses caused delay after delay traversing the return down the mountain.  This caused us to spend a lot of extra time on the bus and didn’t leave much time for doing anything else.

When we finally arrived in Budva, it was already 5pm.  We had dinner at a nice restaurant and thirty minutes of free time to explore.  The restaurant served fresh vegetable salad, vegetable soup, a plate of mixed meats with vegetables, and baklava for dessert.  The restaurant was on the waterfront and had a great view of the marina.  We walked around the medieval town that was converted into many shops and stores then headed back to the bus and to the port of Kotor were our ship was ported.

We didn’t get the opportunity to visit the port of Kotor due to the shortage of time.

Minimal steps this day as we were mostly on the bus.

Tour Operator: Adriatic DMC