Cortijo El Rosario Estate and Equestrian Show

Equestrians in Show

Arriving in Corinto, Nicaragua we headed out for Cortijo El Rosario Estate & Equestrian Show.  After a short 20 – 30 minute drive, we arrived at the main gate to the estate.  Upon arrival we were greeted with drinks and milled about the stables.  There were lots of horses and lots of flies.  Eventually everyone settled in and took a seat (there really was not a bad seat in the arena) and the Equestrian Show got underway.  We saw many horses in full headdress, going thru maneuvers and yes even trying to walk on their hind legs like a human.  It was quite impressive.

At the end of the show we were transported to La Palapa which was a large outdoor reception area on the estate.  Several of us took the 5 minute walk as opposed to using the provided transportation as it was a very nice day.  Along our journey we observed Nicaraguan children who were being given riding lessons by the estate.

At our arrival at La Palapa we were initially entertained with the gift shop that included a large viewing window where one could observe the horse training process.  Outside the gift shop were two old train engines that had been converted into accommodations that I assumed could be booked if you desired to spend the evening on the estate.

At La Palapa, we were fed a buffet style lunch consisting of chicken, beef, pork, bananas, beans and tortillas.  I found several of the offerings to my liking and enjoyed the Nicaraguan Folkloric Dance that continued throughout the buffet.  When we had finished eating, Leslee and I boarded a carriage off to the side of La Palapa and for a very small fee took a ride around the entirety of the estate.  Quite a relaxing way to spend a hot afternoon.