Charming Copenhagen Walk & Cruise

Nyhavn Harbor

Our ship left the White Cliffs of Dover in the late afternoon and set sail for Copenhagen, Denmark.  We arrived in Copenhagen in the early morning hours and then set off for our 9:15am tour titled Charming Copenhagen Walk & Cruise.

The tour began on foot on a cool rainy day in Denmark.  We first passed the Gefion Fountain followed by St. Alban’s Church.  Along the waterfront we walked umbrella in hand with a view of the Royal Playhouse across the canal.  Next we came across the courtyard of Amalienborg Palace home of the Danish royal family.

After a good morning walk we all relaxed at the Café in Statens Museum for Kunst for an early afternoon refreshment.  Once this brief rest period was over we headed to the 17th-century waterfront harbor of Nyhavn taking in the beauty of the brightly colored pastel buildings against the water.

Afterwards we traversed much of the City Center on foot admiring the architecture amongst the period reflection of Copenhagen’s vast buildings.

The next part of our journey consisted of a Canal Cruise where we sailed through the Christianshavns Kanal. This offered an entirely different perspective of the city.  We saw City Hall tower, Our Saviour’s Church, the Black Diamond and Christiansburg Palace the seat of the Danish Parliament just to name a few.  Unfortunately, the Little Mermaid sculpture was on loan to the World’s Fair during our visit so it was not available.

After sailing by the neighborhoods of Christianshavns we were left off for return to our ship.  As we still had plenty of time before the ship would depart we spoke with the guide about letting us hitch a ride with the next excursion to be dropped off downtown.  She recommend a local café that was owned by an American she knew, and so we stopped there an enjoyed a Danish lunch.

At the conclusion of lunch we browsed around the area for a while before eventually returning to the ship, having had an enjoyable day in Copenhagen.

Cruise Port: Copenhagen, Denmark

Tour Name: Charming Copenhagen Walk & Cruise

Cruise Ship: Norwegian Sun

Tour Guide: unknown