Experience Dubrovnik as Seen on the Hit TV Series

October 17, 2018 oceansafoot 0

Heading towards our destination 30 Minute Drive We left the area known as Port Gruž on a Game of Thrones filming location tour on a clear, sunny October day.  Immediately our van of 16 patrons headed down the Adriatic road towards Split, Croatia.  Our destination is Trsteno Arboretum the location [read more…]


Tastes & Panoramas of Dalmatia

May 22, 2016 oceansafoot 0

We started yet another day with a 7:30am tour, today RZ14 Tastes & Panoramas of Dalmatia.  We boarded a bus and headed for the town of Sibenik.  This was an hour and a half journey through low laying plains.  Upon our arrival we began a walking tour of Sibenik seeing [read more…]